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Screen Booty will allow you to display any image as your boot screen
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Are you tired of the Windows boot screen?
Do you hate that logo staring at you while the operating system loads?
Would you like to see something nicer instead of that logo?
Screen Booty will allow you to display any image as your boot screen.

This unique program is the solution for those of you that are sick and tired of having that logo looking at you silently, while you have to wait for your operating system to load. And if you have a slow computer, that can take very long.

Now you will be able to change that screen for something much nicer.
Would you like to see a picture of your loved one? As if he or she were saying "Hi"?
Or would you prefer to display the picture of your friends at the fishing trip?
Or, for your kid's computer, maybe a picture of a cartoon character?
OK. You are a beautiful landscape fan. Go ahead and set your favorite photo to be displayed.

Screen Booty is very simple to install and operate.
Simply choose the image you want, and the rest is done automatically.
You also have the option of modifying or adding text to the image.
You will surely appreciate being able to watch what you want instead of what Windows wants.

Fernando Soni
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